Insurance Risk Tool

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The multifunctional Insurance Risk Tool allows users to evaluate P&C, Life and Multiline Insurers and Reinsurers by uploading financial data and making qualitative assumptions.

The tool performs detailed analysis to derive a risk assessment score with details around the key underlying drivers.

Users can create comparison charts against key competitors using the peer analysis functionality and perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate how an insurer’s risk score is impacted by changes in specific underlying variables.

Gain insight into the credit risk of an insurer by simply uploading its financial data and making qualitative assumptions. Assessments can be conducted on both historic and forecast data simultaneously, generating two separate risk scores. The tool has a progress guide and tool tips throughout to help guide users while performing assessments. The Score Summary page allows users to view the underlying drivers of the bank’s generated risk score.

Our peer comparison charts provide an interactive, customisable, digital experience that allows users to compare any selection of insurers, that they have assessed through our tool, against each other, across their assessment score outcomes and key financial data and ratios. Users can personalise their analysis by editing the colour schemes of the charts before downloading to include in reports.

The sensitivity analysis functionality provides users with the opportunity to evaluate how improvements or deteriorations in specific financial metrics impact the assessed risk score using a series of sliders and dropdowns. This analysis can be performed on both the historic and forecast assessments of the entity.

Product Benefits

Insurance Companies
Insurance companies can assess their own risk against peers, and determine the impact of factor stresses.
Insurance Brokers
Brokers can use the tool to compare the risk levels and underlying drivers of different insurers.
Investors can use tool to generate risk scores and perform sensitivity analysis on insurance companies.
Students & Academic Institutions
Learn about insurance risk and run peer analysis on specific ratios to investigate within research.